Legislative Committee

CNSA Bylaws - Article XI., Section 4. Functions

Committees shall review existing committee policies and submit any revised policies and procedures annually to the Board of Directors.

  1. The Legislative/Resolution committee shall:
    1. Prepare and disseminate information regarding current legislation related to the field of nursing.
    2. Prepare and disseminate information regarding Nursing Students in Sacramento Internship (NSSI) and determine the annual interns from the applications submitted
    3. Provide information and resources to the CNSA constituency for developing a resolution.
    4. Assist authors with the preparation and submission of resolutions to the CNSA House of Delegates.
    5. Preside at the resolutions hearing at the annual convention and confer with authors of resolutions following the hearing to prepare revisions as necessary to present to the House of Delegates.

Important Due Dates:

August 15th, 2018 – First draft of proposed resolution is due

September 1st, 2018 – Final draft of proposed resolution is due

September 5th, 2018  Resolution will be posted on CNSA website

CNSA’s Resolution Toolkit provides tips and instructions to help you draft and present your resolution. Use the link below to download the Resolutions Toolkit.

CNSA Resolution Index:

CNSA Resolution Index:

How to Join the Legislative/Resolutions Committee

Submit your name, school name, anticipated date of graduation, and your CNSA/NSNA membership number to cnsalegislativedir@gmail.com

Time Commitment:

Approximately 4-10 hours to plan NSSI and select interns between December and March.

Approximately 10-20 hours from April to October to promote and support resolution writing/editing.