Bylaw Committee

CNSA Bylaws - Article XI., Section 4. Functions

Committees shall review existing committee policies and submit any revised policies and procedures annually to the Board of Directors.

  1. The Bylaws committee shall:
    1. Review the bylaws of CNSA and its chapters, recommend corrections or amendments as appropriate, and ensure harmony among NSNA, CNSA and Chapter bylaws.
    2. Prepare and distribute proposed amendments to CNSA bylaws with rationale in a timely manner according to Article XII of these bylaws.
    3. Preside at the bylaws hearing at the annual convention and assist delegates in developing motions to amend the noticed proposals, as necessary.

Important Due Dates:

Proposed bylaw amendments are to be emailed to 30 days prior to the annual convention to be reviewed by the membership.

How to Join the Bylaws Committee:

Submit your name, school name, anticipated date of graduation, and NSNA membership number to

Time Commitment:

Approximately 1-2 hours per week between June and August to prepare proposed bylaw amendments for the annual convention.