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December 2018
Epilepsy Awareness

January 2019
HIV/AIDS Awareness

February 2019
American Heart Month

Chapter Challenge

LUX on Her Side

LUX on Her Side is a campaign to create awareness of the luxury tax on tampons and other feminine hygiene items in California and to support women across the state that struggle to obtain feminine hygiene products due to financial insecurities.

How to Join the Challenge

Organize a drive and a fundraiser to collect feminine hygiene items at your school chapter!

1) Email to get added to the challenge!

2) Set a goal for your school.

3) Establish a designated donation area.

4) Talk about it! #LUXonHerSide #CNSA #dontgowiththeflow

5) Collect and count your donations. Look to the community at large to contribute!

6) Bring them to Membership Meeting South/North OR deliver them to your local shelters and send your collection report to!