Acquire quick tips to master pharmacology for life in this session led by KISSPrep.

Join Work the World representatives as they share how you can take your nursing practice global!

Learn how current legislation in healthcare will affect your practice as a soon to be RN. Be inspired to engage in legislative efforts to impact change that will affect your patients and your practice in this informative session led by expert clinical faculty. 

Get the down low on essential skills to ace that job interview from an experienced nurse educator!

New grad RNs from across the state share their experience on how to succeed in school and navigate the job market in California. Bring your questions and get some answers!

Join our new graduate speakers and RNs as they share valuable insight and resources to set up your first moments in clinical and on the job.

Take a deeper dive into the resolutions process and gain a preview of what to expect in the house of delegates as CNSA representatives take you through resolutions on the table.

A diverse set of panelists share an inside look at death and dying in nursing practice. Bring your questions and be prepared for a moving look into the role of nurses across the profession as they share their experiences caring for patients and families at the end of life.

Have your most pressing concerns and questions answered regarding the RN licensure application directly by a CA BRN representative.

Nurses eat their young. We’ve all heard it, but we shouldn’t have to live it. Join us in taking the next step improving a culture and learn skills to effectively handle these situations.

Learn what residency programs are and what they can offer the new graduate RN.